This is my personal carrd. In case you're looking for information on drawings and commissions, please check the first button down below.
Everything else is non-work-related. So, basically, just me raving (and sometimes crying) about my interests.

Personal Info

☉ Aquarius • ☾ Virgo • AC: Sagittarius
INFJ • Melancholic • Lawful Neutral
Age 29 • B-type

I do not identify as human and my body is but a vessel to be able to dwell on Earth. This is the most information I'll disclose unless we are very close.

💖 Sapphic ♡ Demisexual 💖
Happily taken by Tiaa. I'm glad to be called his and to be able to call him mine.

🌷 Genderfluid 🌷
I'm afab and feminine presenting, but my gender identity is never fixed nor fully binary. My preferred pronouns are always he/him.

"If left unchecked, the wear and tear on your heart may go well past mending."

I like many things and am a multishipper. I tried to narrow the lists down to things that greatly interest me, but there's a lot not listed here.

Pokémon gamesD.Gray-Man
Genshin ImpactBoku dake ga inai machi (ERASED)
Undertale & DeltaruneNoragami
ŌkamiŌban Star Racers
.hack//G.U.Bungou Stray Dogs
Kingdom HeartsSaint Seiya
Shadow of the ColossusKaleido Star
The SimsCardcaptor Sakura
Quintessence - The Blighted VenomShakugan no Shana
Katawa ShoujoYu-Gi-Oh!
Pocket Mirror 
The Boogie Man 
Spongebob SquarepantsThe Amazing World of Gumball
Miraculous LadybugHazbin Hotel
Jackson GalaxyCinema Therapy
Miranda ♡ Allen ♡ Link (DGM)Allen Walker (DGM)
Venti ♡ Zhongli (Genshin)Miranda Lotto (DGM)
Lumine ♡ Noelle (Genshin)Zhongli (Genshin Impact)
Kokomi ♡ Gorou (Genshin)Venti (Genshin Impact)
Atsushi ♡ Dazai (BSD)Yue (Cardcaptor Sakura)
Kris ♡ Susie ♡ Noelle (Deltarune) 
Kyoka ♡ Momo (MHA) 
Satoru ♡ Airi (ERASED) 
May ♡ Drew (Pokémon) 
Italy ♡ Japan (Hetalia) 
Luka ♡ Miku (VOCALOID) 
Haseo/Ryou ♡ Endrance/Kaoru (.hack) 

People have said on several occasions that I'm a "kinnie" of these characters because I give off the same vibes as them with my behavior and views in life.
I do relate to them a lot on a personal level and they're very special to me.


• What languages do you speak?
My native language is Brazilian Portuguese. I speak American English fluently.
Although I'm not fluent, I also speak Japanese; took 5 years of classes, kanji reading skill N4 if no furigana.
I understand Spanish but can't speak well.

• Where does your screen name come from?
I get asked this a lot because people think I took "Ryo" from an anime or manga.
Back when I was still a Japanese student and learning kanji, I already had some OCs whose nationality was Japanese.
While looking into a dictionary in search of kanji to come up with writings for their names, I found one that read as "Ryo" (on-reading of 慮) and really liked its meaning. With the passing of time, the OC who used to be my persona - whom I was nicknamed after - became just an OC of mine, but the association with the name "Ryo Shirogane" stayed.

• Can we be friends?
Probably, interact with me and see!
I'm usually friendly towards everyone, but I need my pacing to be respected. I run out of social battery quickly and don't always feel like socializing 1 on 1. I may take a while to reply or react to things and, sometimes, I might not even reply for a multitude of reasons, but I ask you to not take it personally.
If you wish to try befriending me, I think this is something I should make clear.
I'm also not into chit-chat DMs or pings. Sorry!

• Can I follow/interact with you if I'm a minor?
I do not advise you to follow me on Twitter if you're a minor. I may interact with or post about content unsuited to your age and who gets to see these things is something beyond my control. As for AO3's works, I always tag everything properly. You're responsible for curating your own experience online and I'm not to be held accountable if you access things you know you shouldn't.
Interacting with me such as in conversations is perfectly okay if you don't fall into any of my DNI criteria.

• DNI guidelines
Please do not interact if you:

  • Can't respect someone else's expression of gender identity and/or sexuality. If you support transmed, heteronormative or cisnormative agenda or have opinions that align with such concepts, don't even waste my time.

  • Think having a specific gender, sexuality, ethnicity and/or race makes you better than others. I do not condone prejudice in any form. Even if you're part of a minority group, if you're spreading ignorance, I won't tolerate it.

  • Harass others because they have different headcanons and/or ships. If you're going to try debunking the things I like because the ones you like are "more canon", don't waste your time; this doesn't work on me.

  • Don't respect people's personal space or act aggressively friendly as if you're close to them when you aren't. Please do not act this way around me, even if you wish to befriend me, it'll have the opposite effect.

  • Are a minor and think being underage excuses you of bad behavior towards others. I do not put up with this kind of thing, no matter how old you are.

  • Dislike cats without a really good reason or support the breeding of dogs for profit. I don't trust this kind of people.